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KEYTRUDA®(pembrolizumab) for the Treatment of Multiple Types of Cancer – Utilize Asia and China as an important source of Innovation
Dr. Roger D. Dansey,Sr. Vice President, Clinical Research –Late Stage Oncology, Global Clinical Development –Oncology, Merck & Co. Inc.

Advancing Immune Oncology in China– How best to address important unmet needs in China with an integrated global and local clinical research strategy
Dr. Katrin Rupalla,Head of Development, BMS R&D China

Growth in Quality of Innovation – A Perspective about Drug Discovery in China
Abstract: This talk will highlight the key components of the vibrant innovation ecosystem of drug discovery and development in China. Specifically, examples of the drug discovery projects at Roche Innovation Center Shanghai will be covered to showcase how MNCs in China move exciting first-in-class/best-in-class potential programs forward through seamless internal and external collaboration. Finally, Roche’s external collaboration strategy and efforts in China will be summarized at a high level.
-- Promoting China Innovation – Innovative Drug Discovery Highlights
-- Lay foundations for effective partnership with top CROs, Biotech and Academia
-- Opportunities for Medicinal Chemistry Outsourcing in China
-- External innovation model of Roche in China
Dr. Hong Shen,Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Head of External Innovation, Therapeutic Modalities, Roche Innovation Center Shanghai ( RICS )

Accelerating Drug Discovery: Integration of Chem-Informatics, Drug-like Reagent collections and Screening Automation to Improve Success Rate
Abstract:This talk will illustrate the principles of an emerging capability with the potential for being truly transformational in our efforts to improve efficiency in drug discovery. Recent advances in several discrete scientific and technological areas have enhanced our ability to mine, fuse and analyze large data sets, model relevant drug-like chemical space, and enhance our ability to execute on medicinal chemistry and in vitro pharmacology. Harnessing these aptitudes, we have developed an integrated “design cycle”which is an iterative, data driven process enabled by the following components:
-- A parallel design tool enabling virtual enumeration and in silico evaluation of theoretical candidates (ALDaS, Automated Library Design and Synthesis; Drug-like Reagent collection)
-- Visualization and sampling from bio- and chemo-similar subgroups of this virtual space (SOM analysis)
-- Rapid, parallel nano-scale pre-screening of reaction conditions
-- Enabled parallel synthesis of a small subset of the most relevant candidates (PMC, Parallel Medicinal Chemistry)
-- Facile generation and analysis of biological data, in both standard LO mode and microscale, non-purified, enrichment mode
Dr. Philippe G. Nantermet, Principal Scientist, Director, External Discovery Chemistry, Merck & Co., Inc

PharmaEssentia P1101 Program Highlight: Global Co-Development & Partnership
-- Share resources to amplify mutual interests and accelerate success
-- Partnership agreement that defines the important terms of relationship
--Strategic & Tactical Integration
Dr. Ko-Chung Lin,Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PharmaEssentia Corp

TransCelerate BioPharma Mission in China -- Opportunities for Innovation -- Perceiving the Role and Importance of China for Global Drug Development
Dr. QingAn Jiao,Senior Director, Head of Global Clinical Operations ( GCO ) China,Janssen (China) Research & Development Center, a Division of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Ltd /Country Lead for China, TransCelerate BioPharma Inc.

Open Innovation Model for University-Industrial Strategic Partnership at Peking University
Prof. Dongmin Chen,Dean, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Director, Office of Science & Technology Development Dongxu Chair Professor, Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies & School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peking University

Novel Paradigms for Academic/Industry Partnership
Dr. Ferran Prat,Sr. Vice President, Research Administration and Industry Relations,MD Anderson Cancer Center

Personalized anticancer drug discovery & development in Asia
-- Public-Private Partnerships as drug discovery engines in SE-Asia
-- New drug targets in complex biological landscapes - the Wnt/pathway
-- Role of genetic selection biomarkers in early clinical trials
-- Pharmacodynamics biomarkers for proof-of-mechanism in man
-- Proof-of-Concept early clinical trials
-- The ecosystem of Singapore as a hotbed of novel drug discovery and development
Prof. Alex Matter, Chief Executive Officer, Experimental Therapeutics Centre & D3, A*STAR

Generating Value for Drug Discovery through Partnering and Alliances
Partnerships are at the core of Bayer Pharma R&D, encompassing both drug research and drug development activities. The Innovation Center China takes care of strategic alliances in the fields of research relating to drug discovery, including disease biology, medicinal chemistry, and translational medicine. Our partners are renowned Chinese universities and research institutes, as well as specialized contract research organizations. This talk focuses on creating value for drug discovery through efficient partnering with these institutions
Dr. Tom Kinzel, Head of Innovation Center China, Bayer Healthcare Co., Ltd

Building Blocks-Enabled Drug Discovery
This presentation will focus on:
-- An introduction to a catalog of 30,000 plus novel building blocks, which are designed by analysis of the structures of a large number of real marketed and investigational medicines, as well as findings reported in most current literature in medicinal chemistry.
-- How these building blocks can accelerate the exploration of structure-activity and structure-property relationships in drug discovery. Real cases on solving issues like hERG, improving metabolic stability, increasing solubility, and extending potential patent space, will be discussed
Dr. Haijun Dong, Chief Executive Officer, PharmaBlock

Current Progress and Trend for Prostate Cancer Drug Discovery Research
Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths amongst men in developed countries (after lung cancer and colorectal cancer). It is the most common form of cancer in men with an estimated 161,360 new cases and 26,730 people died of this disease in USA in 2017. With the rapid economic growth and aging population, projections indicate prostate cancer incidences will reach around 300,000 new cases each year by 2020.
In this presentation, we will discuss the current progress and trend for this important disease.
Dr. Yuanwei Chen, CEO and Founder, Hinova Pharmaceuticals


R&D Leaders Panel Discussion: Strengthening R&D Innovation & Partnership

Dr. Alex Matter, Chief Executive Officer, Experimental Therapeutics Centre & D3, A*STAR

Dr. Frank Grams, VP, Head R&D Alliance Management, Sanofi
Dr. Per Cantor, Chief Scientific Officer, Ferring China
Dr. Xichen Lin, Head of R&D Innovation Sourcing, Asia Pacific, Novo Nordisk
Dr. Joseph Duffy, Executive Director and Head of External Discovery Chemistry, Merck & Co., Inc
Dr. Stephen Keefe, Director, Oncology Clinical Research, Merck & Co., Inc

R&D Leaders Panel Discussion: Promoting China Innovation: Developing the Strategic and Innovative Partnership Model in China

Dr. Mingde Xia, Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Center AP

Dr. Bin Shi, Head of External R&D and Licensing, Amgen Asia R&D Center
Dr. Bin Li, Director, Search & Evaluation, JAPAC, AbbVie
Dr. Min Wu, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Innovation Hub, MSD
Dr. Michael Chen, Head of External Innovation, China, Merck KGaA
Dr. Zhenggang Jiang, Executive Vice President, Zensun (Shanghai) Sci & Tech Co. Ltd
Dr. Haizhou Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, BJMab Biopharmaceuticals Inc
Dr. Xiang Yang Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, Huaota Biopharm and Huabo Biopharm

Panel Discussion: Medicinal Chemistry Outsourcing in China – Lessons Learned

Dr. Joseph Duffy, Executive Director and Head of External Discovery Chemistry, Merck & Co., Inc

Dr. Wenge Zhong, Scientific Director, Head of Chemistry, Amgen Asia R&D Center
Dr. Jim Li, Chief Executive Officer, Sundia
Dr. Haijun Dong, Chief Executive Officer, PharmaBlock

Panel Discussion: Regulatory Data Protection, Patent Linkage and Patent Term Extension in New Drug Discovery and Development

Dr. Janet Xiao, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Ms. Caihui Li, IP Director, 3S Pharmaceutical Group
Ms. Zheng Wei, Senior Patent Attorney, Beijing Novartis Pharma
Dr. Feng Xu, Senior Counsel ( Patents ), Global Patents, GSK
Dr. Feng Li, Partner, Finnegan
Mr. Weibin Wang, Partner, Shanghai Beshining Law Office

Panel Discussion: Tapping into Funding and Investment Opportunities on New Drug Discovery and Development in China

Dr. Jonathan Wang, Senior Managing Director and Founding Partner, OrbiMed Asia

Dr. Binhui ( Ben ) Ni, CEO, Operation Partner, iPharma (H.K) Limited, I-Bridge Capital
Ms. Nisa Leung, Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners
Mr. James Huang, Managing Partner, KPCB China

Panel Discussion: Promoting China Innovation – Chinese BioPharma R&D Collaboration Opportunities and Development Models Innovation in the Future

Dr. Yan Wu, Vice President, Head of Clinical Operation and Head of Immunology Development, Hutchison MediPharma

Dr. Kevin Pan, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Asieris Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Yingfu Li, President of Research and Development Institute, Chengdu Brilliant Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Jim Wu, Founder and CEO, Ark Biosciences
Dr. Jay Mei, Chairman and CEO, Antengene

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