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Program Overview
The Asia Pharma R&D Leaders Summit 2018 ( APRDL 2018 ) will bring in fresh perspectives and scientific advancement on emerging therapeutic areas in Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, CAR-T & TCR Cell Therapy, Neurodegenerative Diseases & Diabetes which big pharma R&D are heavily investing in Asia. The new perspective will be discussed in parallel with pharma partnering models, promoting China innovation, medicinal chemistry outsourcing, process R&D and API Manufacturing, licensing opportunities, risk management approaches, outsourcing strategies, precision medicine, IP management and latest pharma research advancement on sequencing, drug discovery screening automation, biomarkers, preclinical imaging, data management to optimize your pharma R&D cost efficiency and gain competitiveness in Asia. Come and join Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2018 – the most premier pharma R&D event in China with Global perspectives:

Brainstorm with over 50 speakers and estimation to bring over 300 Global pharma R&D professionals, With this in mind, “ Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2018 “ summit themes will cover:

-- Novel Paradigms for Academic/Industry Synergistic Innovation Mechanism & Open Innovation Model
-- Opportunities for Medicinal Chemistry Outsourcing in China
-- Growth in Quality of Innovation – A Perspective about Drug Discovery in China
-- Revolution in cancer treatment and how will it scale over the next 10 years
-- KEYTRUDA®(Pembrolizumab) for the Treatment of Multiple Types of Cancer – Utilize Asia and China as an important source of Innovation
-- Advancing Immune Oncology in China – How best to address important unmet needs in China with an integrated global and local clinical
-- Promoting China Innovation – R&D Collaboration and Partnership
-- Process R&D and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufacturing
-- Accelerating Drug Discovery: Integration of Chem-Informatics, Drug-like Reagent collections and Screening Automation to Improve Success Rate
-- Novel Technologies and Approaches for Drug Discovery
-- Perceiving the Role and Importance of China for Global Drug Development -- Opportunities for Innovation
-- Government initiatives in China 13th 5 years’ plan benefit for your research projects in China
-- Explore mass in-licensing opportunities in Asia emerging markets in response to new world R&D order
-- Precision Medicine & Personalized Healthcare Development in Asia
-- Develop new business models in 2018 and beyond for pharma R&D geared toward cost efficiency and ROI improvement
-- Lay foundations for effective partnership with top CROs, Biotech and Academia
-- Tapping into Funding & Investment Opportunities in Pharmaceutical R&D in Asia
-- Challenges of Conducting Clinical Trials in APAC, Regulatory Requirements & IRB Approval Process
-- Strategic Challenges and Future Priorities of Next Generation CAR-T & TCR Cell Therapy Development
-- Clinical Data from China -- CAR T-Cell Therapy Achieves breakthrough Clinical Trial in China
-- Personalized Anticancer Drug Discovery & Development in Asia
-- PharmaEssentia P1101 Program Highlight: Global Co-Development & Partnership
-- Enhance your competitive edge by Establishing Industry-University-Institute Cooperation to Diversify Risks and Achieve R&D Productivity

On behalf of the committee, we sincerely hope primary discussions, topics and invitees would come across your scientific and strategic interests And the whole summit will be consisted of keynote speeches, panel/roundtable discussions, open Q&A sessions, booth and poster exhibition and cozy, guided 1-on-1 networking sessions for all professionals and management who are working for the pharmaceutical R&D Industry.
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